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How to Use Watt Hour Meters

A watt-hour meter is an ingenious device that can tell you exactly how much electricity is being used by whatever is plugged into it. These devices can go a long way towards helping you discover which appliances are using an excess of electricity and help you get educated about ways to conserve your energy consumption.


Step 1: Plug the device you are monitoring for usage into the watt-hour meter.

Step 2: Plug the watt-hour meter into the wall outlet.

Step 3: Look at the display. The meter will immediately indicate on its digital display how much electricity the device or appliance is using. Depending on the make and model of the device, it may indicate both the line voltage and how much kWh the device is using. Most models have a built-in memory that records electricity use, allowing users to monitor certain appliances over a period of time.